A Legacy of Luxury: The Vision Behind Sam Mizrahi’s Iconic Development


When you think of high-end luxury accommodations in Canada, Sam Mizrahi’s name quickly comes to mind. With a well-known reputation for raising the bar in luxury living, Mizrahi is the mastermind behind some of Canada’s finest condominiums, including 1451 Wellington in Ottawa.

Keep reading to learn more about the vision behind Sam Mizrahi.

Sam Mizrahi: A life of entrepreneurship

Sam Mizrahi’s entrepreneurial spirit began when he was just a teenager when he created Unimax, a blank video/audio cassette business. As the demand for cassettes diminished, Mizrahi moved forward to create Dove Cleaners, which would later transition to DoveCorp, a high-end dry cleaning and commercial linen service company.

With a knack for creating successful businesses, Mizrahi shifted to his true passion—real estate development. Today, Mizrahi is the founder and driving force behind several successful businesses, including:

  • Mizrahi Developments – President and Founder
  • Mizrahi Design Build – President and Founder
  • Mizrahi, Inc. – President and Founder
  • Mizrahi Enterprises, Inc. – President and Founder
  • Northern Citadel Bancorp – President and Founder
  • Rauva – Co-Founder and Chairman

Mizrahi’s Real Estate Development Projects: A Focus on 1451 Wellington

  • Mizrahi’s foray into development started with luxury custom homes in exclusive neighborhoods. His first condo, 133 Hazelton Residences, debuted in 2011, followed by 181 Davenport. Both projects featured Mizrahi’s signature touches: thick walls, coffered ceilings, and UV-protected windows. This attention to detail sold units even before construction started.
  • His commitment to excellence shines exceptionally bright in the 12-story, 93-unit building at 1451 Wellington St. W. in Ottawa’s Westboro. This award-winning project, known for its spacious kitchens,  luxurious finishes, and interiors by the renowned Brian Gluckstein, is a testament to Mizrahi’s dedication to upscale living.

Other notable projects include a condo within Toronto’s  Yorkville neighborhood –  the building at 128 Hazelton offering high-end living to up to 20 residents.

Mizrahi’s vision: Customer focus

From his first steps into entrepreneurship, Mizrahi knew his customers must be his primary focus. He still holds to this philosophy today. He doesn’t just buy real estate and develop standard buildings. Instead, he takes the time to get to know the community and its needs. These insights allow Mizrahi to develop properties that bring real value and purpose to the neighborhood.

For example, before building his Davenport and Hazelton projects, Mizrahi recognized the need for more luxury condominiums in the area. He realized some residents were ready to downsize. They didn’t necessarily want to leave the neighborhood, and they wanted to maintain the same level of luxury. To meet this need, Mizrahi developed high-end, luxury condominiums that allowed these residents to downsize without disrupting their way of life.

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy

Sam Mizrahi is known for his successful real estate projects and his charitable donations of time and money. Throughout the year, Mizrahi donates to a wide range of philanthropic organizations, especially those serving communities where Mizrahi Development has projects.

Mizrahi is also a board member of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies and played a major role in developing and building the Forest Hill Jewish Centre. Additionally, he has served as co-chair of UJA’s “Run with Israel” and the United Jewish Appeals “Walk with Israel” events.